Marc Went

Marc Went

Developer / Designer

Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live. - Martin Golding

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  • Cray Software Developer Intern
    Jan 2017 - Jul 2017

    I work on the software stack in the Analytics division (Urika-GX) setting up new technologies to be used in this HPC environment

  • Online tutor for Computer Science

    Currently I tutor students on Bachelor level in Computer Science. I try to help them understand and improve their recognition skills of code as well as their coding abilities.

  • Programmer

    I've done some projects in the past regarding Java and C development. They were very interesting learning projects. I have gained, over the past 5 years, experience that helped me finish these projects successfully.

  • Social Media Lunatic


  • Freelance Web Designer

    Web design is something I've been doing over the past 10 years, starting with the ordinary WYSIWYG methods, due to a lack of cusomizability I started to learn HTML, JavaScript and CSS myself to be able to do it better.

  • WCC Junior Java Developer

    I developed a renewed documentation portal using GWT as a framework, furthermore I did two projects on normalization and de-duplication of personal data. This data was to be merged into one golden record database.


  • Masters Degree Computer Science - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

    As a followup to my Bachelor Degree. I want to specialize in High Performance Computing, this would give me more in-depth knowledge on parallel coding, which is necessary for the future of programming.

  • Masters Degree Information Sciences - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

    With this study I hope to get more insight in the do's and don'ts of front end programming, like the User Interface and Privacy related issues.

  • Bachelor Degree Computer Science - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

    I am lucky to be able to work well with computers, therefore my to choice for studying Computer Science was an easy one. I went to the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam where I was able to expand my knowledge.

  • Stanford Summer College
    Summer of 2011

    During the summer of '11 I went to study for two months at Stanford University, the summer program allowed high school students to follow several Stanford courses .

  • KeizerKarelCollege - VWO

    I went to high school on the highest level possible in the Netherlands, without taking Latin or Greek.

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I went to the 746.202.778.734th bit on the internet

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Fastest way to contact me is over the internet, messages travel at the speed of light...

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+31 6 81473950

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